Basic Setup Guide - After Flash or new tablet

(a) Setup wireless first : In programs : settings : Wireless. (Doing wireless first then allows you to add your accounts next) See "Setting Up Wireless" below if needed.
(b) Set Location : In programs : Settings : Location (turn off gps and add wireless) (this will then allow google to create an approximate location for your tablet based on it's survey of waps when they did google street view. This is of course, (i) if you don't mind your location to be known, remember you then allow it from other apps, it's not too automatic (ii) also this applies if you DON'T have gps or gprs.)
(c) Set date/time/time zone. In programs : Settings : Date time.
(d) Enroll your google account, if you don't have one, create one, it is essential really on Android. In programs : Settings : Accounts.
(e) Install "my back up" a program that will backup all your apps, or in this case on a fresh rebuild, restore all your apps one after the other from a previous save.
(f) Restore all your apps.

Basic Use
Consider then the basic field of free apps, that make the device start to be useable, Aldiko to read ebooks, ebay, facebook, Angry Birds game, Paper Toss game to name just a few, check out my Android Applications for a better list of what I use.
Any time you want to access a site, eg ebay, think there might be a free app that packages the site up, instead of using the website which might well not be at all optimised for tablets or mobile applications. Getting little apps like converters for measurement, currency and etc, can make an Android Tablet into a really useful little tool.

Advanced Use
You will need to consider gaining "root" access to your tablet. In linux and therefore Android, the root access to the o/s is hidden and locked out. In the ibm/windows world, it would be like not being able to see the C drive in explorer, nor having administrator permissions to do things. This will be covered in future sections.

Setting Up Wireless
Configuring wireless is very easy, it is off by default. Choose settings, then from the menu item "Wireless & networks", press Wi-Fi which will turn on Wifi if off (or off if on). If you press "Wi-Fi Settings" your WAP will appear in the list and then you can press it to connect and enter the password as you would on any client machine. As always I recommend you use WPA2 encryption protocol, so much more secure than WEP these days.